Tuesday, 31 March 2009


A visit to the studio and Sao Paulo projects of new Franco-brazilian practice Triptyque. More information and photos will be published when I return to London.


Di Bartoli said...

What an epic journey you have just been on Elias!
I am so impressed with the chutzpah of you applying for and receiving charitable money to do this luxurious trip! So impressive!

What I want to know is how you managed to avoid all those poor/dirty people that I remember seeing throughout Latin America? It is wonderful that you have showed how people can live if they just put their mind to it and focus on quality. I also never understood why there were slums all over the place down there.

They should def. use these architects you have shown us! I am also so tired of those books and films(and even night clubs in cities like London & Barcelona!) etc that try to show us the ‘real story’ of slums, the ‘creativity’ and ‘ingenuity’ of the people who build their own houses without architects etc ... soooo boring! You have done a superb job showing us how a European mentality is best suited anywhere in the world! We know those in the ‘favelas’ have similar drug, slavery and forest money … why they don’t live like these wonderful people you have shown us … I just don’t know!!"

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maike said...

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I want to know is how you handled to prevent all those poor/dirty individuals that I keep in thoughts seeing throughout Latina America? It is amazing that you have revealed how individuals can stay if they just put their thoughts to it and concentrate on top quality. I also never recognized why there were slums all over the position down there.

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