Monday, 8 December 2008


Austrian architects Stefan Rutzinger and Kristina Schinegger are also in residence at Schindler's MacKay apartments for six months, researching repeating objects that can be stacked to create new structures. They practice in Vienna under the name Soma, with a Brasilian architect, and their first project is a tiered landscaping project for a local school.

We drove over to Neutra's VDL Research House in Silverlake, where the austrian architect is now buried along with his wife and son. Tours are given by architecture students from Cal Poly Pomona where Neutra used to teach.
Kristina in her Schindler studio

Work in progress

Entering Neutra's house

A model of the new house, rebuilt after a fire burnt down the original

Neutra's control panel for the house by his bed

Simon Fujiwara, Stefan Rutzinger and tour guide

Back garden

Grave stone for Neutra and his wife

Discrete memorial to son, tacked to garden decking

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stuart said...

wow you really are doing architecture things when you are away. the churchills will be pleased. your itinary makes me want to weep with jealousy. here's your day's spanish lesson: hola, soy elias redstone y me gusta bailar. x