Saturday, 28 February 2009


A new house in Rosario by Johnston Marklee & Associates and Diego Arraigada.

Diego Arraigada


Guillermo's home and office...

Aerial photos of farmland surrounding Rosario taken by Guillermo...
A new house designed by Guillermo in Kentucky Park


Recent projects coming from Nicolás' studio include critically acclaimed residences in Uruguay and a new tower (model below) currently under construction in his hometown of Rosario.

Friday, 27 February 2009


Rafael Iglesias runs an adventurous studio in Rosario. His office is filled with experimental objects, young international architects, and new ideas.
Chair designed from inner tubes of tyres

Lamps weighed down by rocks
Doors that open and close at the same time

One of Rafael's new Colombian assistants
A new fertility centre. The reflective metal wall 'multiplies' the population, and distorts bodies to give the appearance of pregnancy...

San Luis 470, Edificio Altamiro. This residential project was started before the crash in 2001, and is now nearing completion.

A warehouse conversion adjacent to basketball courts
Pavilions in Parque Independencia

Rafael demonstates how the concave urinals enlarge the appearance of the penis while peeing, encouraging a correct aim.
The doors are bent to allow the strip lights to illuminate the corridor and the cubicle

The concrete roof of the food court is rested on tree trunks