Saturday, 20 December 2008


I meet with Francisco Pardo (founder of at103 with Julio Amezcua ) and his girlfriend Frida Escobedo, possibly Mexico City´s chicest couple in architecture, at Francisco´s studio. The office also sits on a rooftop and was developed by the practice as its first built project.

at103 was founded by two ex-Enrique Norton architects and has establised itself in the Mexico scene. Most commissions are directly from clients and so far has not had to rely on the competition system. These include a few artists residencies, a collaboration with Tatiana Bilbao, and the recently completed fire station (on a site of a club that burnt down, killing the patrons trapped by padlocked fire exits).

at103 has just been included in the Architectural League´s list of Emerging Voices 2009. Frida is refurbishing a modernist hotel in Acapulco with Jose Rojas for Gruppo Habita, to be completed at the start of 2009.
at103´s studio.
Mapping at103´s projects.

at103´s roof terrace.

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Max said...

I really like the architecture of these guys...

I had opportunity to visit the fire station that they designed like 3 years ago, and Francisco was the one who took us around this amazing building.

These kind of architects make me feel that we can do better every day.