Friday, 9 January 2009


Manuel Vizcaino designed his first house at 23 before coming to the AA. He has a background in finance and started Buildo in 2002. The designs are computer based, which are then adapted to local building conditions to create a dialogue between high and low tech. This aesthetic is proving successful with luxury villas being snapped up by Mexican celebrities and soccer players.

The practice is also at the forefront of environmental design in Guadalajara. Manuel is collaborating with Patricio Arce on an energy efficient shopping centre that has caught the eye of HSBC - the bank has approached them to create a strategy to roll out 200 small scale eco-banks across Mexico.

Manuel and Patricio are also collaborating on a 12km street refubishment of Lopes Cotilla in downtown Guadalajara for the municipal government.

Buildo's office (below) was designed by Manuel with his father, a more traditional architect, and is a modern extension to an older building.

Breakfast with Manuel Vizcaino at Cafe Barra Cafe, a building he had originally designed at 28 for a local florist.

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