Thursday, 8 January 2009


Jose and Saidee run Arquitectura 911sc, an architecture practice that is leading the field in Mexico on urban projects. The 20-strong practice is currently developing two large transportation projects for the Federal District Government and the State of Mexico, introducing BRTs (Bus Rapid Transport) to new stretches of Mexico City in 2009. These are the 'Eje Central' running 12km North / South through the centre of Mexico City, and an 18km route that heads east from the airport into the neighbourhoods of Neza and Chimalhuacan. The latter reaches a population of 2 million people that previously have not had access to public transport. A further urban project is for a streetscape and urban renewal in Tlalpan.

Jose has also been responsible for curating exhibitions on Mexico's contemporary architects, including the AIA's Mexico City Dialogues exhibition in 2005.