Thursday, 5 March 2009


I have been meeting some incredible architects but, in the words of Roisin Murphy, it's never enough. Inevitably some slip through the net. So here's a round up of architects from different countries that I have not had a chance to meet in person for whatever reason.

Lucio Morini, based in Cordoba. (new studios, below)

Beals Lyon
Grupo Talca

Paisajes Emergentes
A landscape and architecture office working from Medellin. (new project, top)
plan b Arquitectos
Orquideorama project (below) by plan B and JPRCR (J. Paul Restrepo and Camilo Restrepo), also based in Medellin.

COCOA - Caribbean Office of Co-Operative Architecture

Tatiana Bilbao
Great portfolio of work including Estudio Explanada, 2008 (below)


mad architect said...

Hi there,
I see you were intending to visit the architects COCOA in Grenada and was unaware you were visiting practices outside of Latin America. As such I would like to suggest you add Melon Design from St Lucia to the list.

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